Monday, August 8, 2011

ICT technologies reaching out to classrooms in rural India!

Though computers came to classrooms of India more than 25 years back but still the level of acceptance of modern technologies in the teaching and learning process has always remained very limited. Schools and educational institutions of rural India are still untouched with the advancement in learning technologies.

Even today, most of the schools in rural areas possess only handful of basic teaching technologies like computers and not-so-advance Projectors. Teachers and educators still use age old blackboards and chalkboards to explain their teaching lessons to students. We can say that proper infrastructure and awareness, which are the two most important factors for the implementation of ICT programme, are lacking in educational sector of rural areas.

To cope up with these problems, Genee came up with complete budget-and-user friendly ICT solutions. Genee’s ICT Products are different from other brands simply because they are simple to use even by unprofessional, novice teachers and educators.

Genee Powerboard is one such smartly designed ICT product that utilizes infra-red (IR) technology and carries a NEW ceramic surface, making it perfect to be used like an ordinary whiteboard as well. The best thing is that it is completely interoperable ICT solution which integrates seamlessly with other ICT and AV solutions like Visualisers, Projectors, laptops, Audience Response systems, writing tablets and Computers.

Best of all, this wonderful ICT solution can be easily and instantly operated simply by touching with dummy pen or finger. Opening files, streaming videos, running animations, internet surfing, book reading or using online resources, everything is possible with just couple of touches on this state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard.

Genee View Projector is another ICT resource which carries a unique and NEW 3LCD reflective technology. This tremendous teaching aid carries interactive capabilities that can turn any flat surface into an interactive surface!  This ultimate ICT resource is portable and can be retrofit into existing projector installations making it perfect for rural schools and teaching institutes.

Genee View Short throw projector is an ICT solution which is perfectly designed to teach in smaller and tighter classrooms.  It is a smartly designed ICT product for creating big pictures from a shorter distance without the concerns about images getting obstructed with shadows or light shining onto the teacher’s face. This product certainly serves the purpose of classrooms where ample space remains a big constraint.

Likewise, we have numerous advance ICT technologies which can do best to our learning and teaching system in villages and rural areas. These  include Genee Slate- an aesthetically designed graphic tablet, NEW Virtual G-Pad- a unique response system app, Genee Future Class- a Comprehensive CBSE and NCERT based K-12 Content, Genee Sense- an Advance Interactive System, Touch Screens, Visualisers, Projectors and a lot more.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Genee Slate- An incredible Mini Whiteboard with its uses and benefits

In present times, digitizing tablet is emerging as a wondrous ICT and AV resource; which is intelligently designed to aid users in carrying out live presentations and classroom sessions; effectively.  With this new era gadget, users no longer need to stay rooted to one place - behind a lectern or in front of the audience while carrying out presentations.

A graphic tablet or graphic pad is an input device; with the help of which; users can write text or draw images on a flat surface in a similar manner as they can draw on a paper. But the unique feature of using a graphic tablet is that whatever; a user draws on a graphic tablet doesn't appear on its surface; instead the image appears on the attached computer screen or on the whiteboard screen.

Genee slate is one such market leading graphic tablet which can't miss to leave a solid impression on the minds of its users.  It is a Virtual Mini Whiteboard which can be passed around audience or students and can be operated from anywhere in the presentation hall or classroom.

It is a Digitizing Tablet which can be brought into use for setting up an effective communication with an interactive Whiteboard, Visualiser, computer or laptop through a wireless RF interface that plugs directly into any USB port on the PC or laptop. The best part is that it allows its users to navigate through files and other content even by moving around the presentation hall or classroom.

Some of the outstanding features of Genee Slate are as follows:

Extreme Mobility
With this cutting edge Digitizing Tablet; Presenters or teachers no longer need to stay rooted to one spot while facing an audience or group of students. They can access all their files; wherever they want; in the room.  Its lightweight stylus carries all necessary mouse functions.

Ergonomic Designing
Genee slate with super fine ergonomic designing and advanced RF technology with contoured and sloping palm rest assures high amount of comfort and reliability to its users.

Live Annotation
This next generation Digitizing Tablet is perfectly carved for carrying out live annotations over presentations, programs, documents and web pages or on Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. With Genee slate; a user can easily draw images and graphics on a flat screen in a similar way as drawing on a piece of paper.

Vast Clip Art Library
Free software is also included with these revolutionary Graphic Tablets which includes a clip art library of over 2,000 images, making Genee Slate a great ICT and AV solution for carrying out lectures and presentations. It also includes PowerPresenter and handwriting recognition features. 

Battery Life
Genee slate comes with an astonishing battery life of over 16 hours and that too in a continuing mode. Moreover, its rechargeable battery carries a capacity of 800mA which makes it a best Digitizing Tablet amongst all.

Besides these tremendous features, Genee slate also carries resolution as high as 2000lpi, Online Help Menu, Super VGA color monitor (800 x 600), CD ROM drive and USB port. Its Unique Soft keys are smartly located across the top of the tablet; allowing instant access to helpful Presentation Tools such as Annotation Pens, Spotlight and Reveal.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Genee’s Visualisers are the best visualisers

School, a place where children learn to play, discover, explore and unwind…

Just imagine! What will be the first reaction of those children; if, all of a sudden, a new teaching aid gets introduced in a 5th standard classroom.

Now; you must be wondering what this could be? And what this new teaching aid will do or change in the classroom?

Well, I would answer the second question first. This ‘secret’ teaching aid will do wonders in the classroom, for sure and this teaching aid can change or I can say, ‘Revive’ the whole spirit of that classroom.

Let me break the suspense…This teaching aid is a Vision Visualiser which is also known as Document Camera or Visual Presenter.  A Vision Visualiser is a type of video camera that is used to display text, 2D or 3D object on display devices like Interactive Whiteboards, plasma screens and touch screens.
As parents, we all know that how important schooling is for our little ones? At the same time, we also know that all the teaching solutions including Visualisers, Interactive Whiteboards, Student Response Systems and Projectors also play an equally important role in educating our children.

Genee’s entire range of Vision Visualisers is mesmerizing and worth considering. At the very first glance you will feel the difference. Genee’s Vision Visualiser or Visual Presenter has an ability to ‘revive’ the whole spirit of classroom teaching. These Vision Visualisers can help in grooming children in a much better way, if compared to conventional ways of teaching and learning.

The best part is that Genee’s whole range of Vision Visualisers is extremely useful in visualising the subject matter and improving their logical abilities and understanding of the subject.
Genee’s Vision Visualisers or Document Cameras are extremely useful in educating your kids because:-
·         Genee’s Vision Visualisers helps displaying artefacts and objects in close detail.
·         Interoperability is the key feature of these Vision Visualisers as they can be used in conjunction with data projectors, PC and interactive whiteboards.
·         Genee’s Visual Presenters help in reviewing and evaluating other student’s work by projecting it on a screen or whiteboard for group discussions or general comments.
·          Image freeze, zoom in & positive and negative conversion is also possible with Genee’s Vision Visualisers.
·         Genee’s Visual Presenters can be used for displaying even the complex details of any kind of tangible item, including fossils, photographs, books, 3D objects, X-ray film, art illustrations, maps and similar objects.
·         Genee’s Vision Visualisers work wonders in demonstrating art techniques such as color-mixing, object or paper cutting, origami, brushwork and shading in an art class.
·         Vision Visualisers can be best utilized in demonstrating geometrical technique such as how to use a scale, compass or protractor to accurately measure and draw lengths and angles.

What more can you ask for? As Genee’s Vision Visualisers help you save a lot of money on photo-copying. A Vision Visualiser can take a snapshot in seconds and its image can be viewed through the projector on any flat screen.

Now, stop drawing out the fun just by imagining!!
Turn it into a reality!!

Get your children this incredible presentation tool.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Explore the achievements of visual aids in teaching.

Visual aids in teaching plays an important role in creating an effective learning environment. Teachers can annotate on the images shown on the screen or the board, zoom in and out, get different views and angles and capture still shots with the help of the visual aids in teaching.
Nowadays, Classrooms are installed with visual aids such as Interactive Whiteboards, Visualiser, response system, projectors and educational software etc. Schooling the students with visual aids is essential in the technological age. Many difficult subject topics can be taught easily and in more depth with the help of visual aids in teaching. Teachers must use various types of visual aids to interact with students.
Visual aids in teaching integrate with audio-visual techniques that influence the curiosity and recollection of information by students. Utilizing Visual aids in teaching effectively will make the best stage for learning and teaching. Teachers are using multimedia teaching resources with audio and video into their lessons. The teacher has to identify the key points of the contents so that student can retain the information easily without any confusion. Teacher may bring a chart or draw a neat diagram on the board, but effective learning still misses out. Multimedia teaching contents give the student a better learning experience as they can view the real phenomena and processes in an animated format. Teachers can annotate using interactive whiteboards on their content and save it in computer that can’t be done through traditional boards. Time has come to incorporate visual aids in teaching into the classroom for efficient learning and teaching.Thus, visual aids in teaching boost school, colleges and universities to enhance teaching methodology.